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Vintage Tiger Maple Clothes Rack / Garment Rack

Vintage Tiger Maple Clothes Rack / Garment Rack

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Bay Colony Antiques is proud to offer for sale this fantastic vintage 20th century Tiger Maple clothing rack / garment rack. This can be used in an entryway to store coats and jackets and would also be useful in a bedroom with limited closet space. We receive a lot of requests for these and antique valets, but to be honest, most aren’t valuable enough for us to process & ship across the country. This being a custom bench made piece & being made of Curly Maple certainly elevates it to a higher tier and something we’re excited to offer to our clients around the US, especially those in pre-Victorian homes where sufficient closet space is rare. This example is a little slenderer than most that we encounter, and we actually prefer that as it won’t overwhelm the space.

The top bar has an octagonal shape with ball finials at each end. The bar is mortise and tenoned into the vertical posts and was secured with peg joinery. There is not a single screw or nail on this rack, it’s completely mortise and tenon joined in the Early American manner with only traditional joinery techniques & minimal hide glue. Directly below the hanging bar the stiles begin with a mitered edge that transitions into rectangular tops. Directly below the rectangular tops, there’s a shallow shoulder carved to break up the design before transitioning back into a squared out octagonal form. The posts then have another shallow shoulder carved before transitioning back into the rectangular form found at the top. The lower horizontal transition showcases an attractive solid Tiger Maple board with bold figuring and a strong chatoyancy present. The wide outreaching base gives the rack a low center of gravity making it quite difficult to accidentally knock over. The garment rack is solid as a rock and in very good condition with our only notes being minor surface wear. The rack measures 38 1/2” wide (33” at base) x 21” deep x 65” tall.


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