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Victorian Renaissance Revival Burled Walnut Floral Marquetry Inlaid Parlor Table

Victorian Renaissance Revival Burled Walnut Floral Marquetry Inlaid Parlor Table

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With our highest compliments Bay Colony Antiques takes the distinct privilege in offering one of the finest parlor tables offered anywhere at present. This parlor table is among the absolute finest grade of Victorian era furnishings ever produced in America and more specifically originated at the peak of the Aesthetic period, a subset of the Victorian movement where design shifted largely from an architectural influence into one where naturalistic elements of design were favored. The top of the table features a spectacular example of this shift in style where the artisan inlaid the center of the top with a variety of exotic fruitwoods to depict a masterful arrangement of floral patterns. The art of taking smaller pieces of wood and inlaying them into a piece of furniture to create a pictorial design is known as marquetry inlay which is an art form in and of itself completely separate from traditional cabinetmaking. The aesthetic movement is comprised of more specified design waves including the renaissance revival era which around 1870-1880 largely came into fashion as the previous gothic influences in the Victorian movement had proliferated quickly and newer interpretations of the evolving Victorian style began to become favored by patrons of master furniture makers and artisans. The renaissance revival period is largely considered the pinnacle of the entire Victorian period as after 1880 quality of construction and design generally tapers off into first the Eastlake design movement and ultimately the Edwardian period at the conclusion of the 19th century. The design of this parlor table is far superior to those who preceded and followed as it was constructed during a very special moment in the overall tradition of American design.

As previously stated, the top of the parlor table features a masterful display of marquetry inlay with various fruitwoods arranged to create a pictural arrangement of flowers. The colorful fruitwoods are further brought to life with the usage of ebony veneer in the center with brilliant burled walnut around the perimeter of the top creating a wonderous contrast of color. The table is comprised of a circular apron, central pedestal, and four spectacularly formed legs that both buttress inward and flare outward creating an overall striking and unique form. An exceptional grade of walnut is used in the solid construction of the entire table base. Throughout the table are geometric and incised linear carvings that are further accented with gilded paint which perfectly contrast the naturally beauty of the walnut table frame. The table has a 27” diameter and is 28” tall. 

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