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Victorian Burled Walnut & Marquetry Inlaid Marble Top Console With Mirrored Door

Victorian Burled Walnut & Marquetry Inlaid Marble Top Console With Mirrored Door

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With our absolute highest compliments Bay Colony Antiques takes the utmost pleasure in offering this wonderful Victorian console table or sideboard. Anytime we have the chance to procure one of these consoles for our inventory we are elated as we have been fortunate to sell several in the past few years which all went into wonderful homes. Typically these pieces are expected to have condition issues of some variety due in part to the sensitive nature of exotic burl wood veneers, heavy slabs of marble, and mirrored glass components. This example is in the absolute finest condition we have ever found a console to be in as it has been meticulously cared for throughout a century and a half of existence. The most important considerations in owning an example such as this is to maintain the piece in a climate with proper humidity control and to only allow experienced antique furniture movers to handle it should having the console moved ever become necessary. Anytime furniture is constructed with both exotic or burled veneers applied over large curved elements such as the doors on either end of the cabinet special care must be taken so that seasoning splits do not develop over time. Special care is also required in handling antique marble as by its nature the marble is heavy and prone to being mishandled when precautions are not taken to move it. We feel it necessary to denote how well cared for this antique console has been treated as it is in remarkable condition and just as beautiful as the day it was made.

This antique console, or sideboard as they are interchangeably referred to, was constructed during the 19th century at the height of the Victorian movement. The entire piece has a sophisticated form which employs curvature and rounded elements across the length of the cabinet. The original marble top is cut and profiled to match the overall form of the cabinet with a finely molded edge having been applied to the frontward facing edge. The degree of precision employed in producing the marble top is nearly unheard of by todays standard and to have a new marble surface made by a marble cutter working today would easily exceed the cost of what we are selling this entire cabinet for. A burled walnut veneered surface is applied to the entirety of the cabinet with a masterful execution of marquetry inlaid designs hand labored into all sides of the console. There are three doors which open to allow for plentiful storage with the center door having a wonderful mirrored glass panel. Both ends of the console have finely curved doors which require a craftsman with a technical mastery of woodworking to endeavor to build. The cabinet features finely applied molding across the length of the piece and along both curved ends as well as finely pronounced baseboard. The overall cabinet has a beautiful color which is further enhanced whenever sunlight is available. We note the absence of cabinet locks from the interior and beyond that this sideboard is in pristine condition only requiring a deserving home where it will be cherished for years to come. This marble top console measures 55" wide x 18" deep x 35 1/2" tall overall.


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