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Pair of Queen Anne Style Pennsylvania Walnut Blanket Chests With Secret Interior

Pair of Queen Anne Style Pennsylvania Walnut Blanket Chests With Secret Interior

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With our absolute highest compliments Bay Colony Antiques takes the utmost pleasure in offering this pair of exquisite and unique matching blanket chests. These chests were undoubtedly constructed by a master furniture maker working in the iconic Queen Anne style with the distinctive influence of the antique furniture produced in Pennsylvania during the 18th century. As collectors of regional Pennsylvania antiques know the craftsmen of the mid to late 18th century built some of the finest furniture the world over with unique characteristics such as emphasis on dovetail case construction and a specific focus on premium grades of walnut. We have been privileged to have owned and publicly offered a wide variety of regional Pennsylvania Queen Anne period antique furnishings throughout the last several decades and consider it a point of pride that our catalogue continues to offer a revolving selection of options for collectors partial to Pennsylvania antiques including chests of drawers, tavern tables, antique mirrors, dining chairs, blanket chests, and all other manner of fine furniture forms. In all the years which we have been collecting we have yet to encounter a true pair of 18th century American blanket chests of any variety. We note this to emphasize that this pair of smaller scale blanket chests are a truly unique offering and a rare opportunity for anyone actively pursuing traditional American furniture to own a pair of chests not commonly found anywhere in the country. We have been fortunate to have owned nearly every variety of antique and custom made furniture ever produced and count this pair of chests as one of the most unique offerings which we have been able to present to the public.

These chests are built in the same manner as the 18th century examples which inspired this pair's construction with masterful handcut dovetail joinery connecting each side of the cases as well as the finely scrolled bracket feet. The tops feature a fine molding on three sides and open to reveal a primary storage cavity with traditional candlestick storage compartments fixed to the upper left sides. Quite ingeniously, one of the two candle tills is constructed with a floating vertical panel which can be lifted upward and out to reveal a secret hidden storage cavity. We have from time to time found this feature on 18th century early American chests and are always elated to find any manner of secret compartments as it is a very rare and desirable attribute. We believe these chests to have been made in the past fifty years based on the high quality Chippendale bat-wing hardware which are individually scrolled and feature a masterful design opposed to the commonly found pressed brasses of the 20th century. These chests have remained in excellent condition with our only condition notes being some scratches on the top which are not prominent when the chests are properly waxed. We make no apologies or excuses for these immaculate chests as they are two of the finest examples available anywhere and we are immensely proud to offer them. The chest measure 34 1/2" wide x 16 1/2" deep x 20 1/4" tall.


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