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French Louis Xiv Style Walnut Marble Top Bombe Commode With Fire Gilded Accents

French Louis Xiv Style Walnut Marble Top Bombe Commode With Fire Gilded Accents

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Bay Colony Antiques takes the utmost pleasure in offering a truly exceptional French Louis XIV style marble top commode. French furniture has long been the envy of the world with nearly all American, European, and far eastern regions having been influenced by the lavish and masterful designs for the past three centuries. Throughout the 20th century many countries such as Spain, Egypt, Portugal, Romania, and a wide array of other nations reproduced and quite often fell short of replicating the superiority of the original French design. We take a moment to denote this as the American market is full of French reproduction furniture of lower quality which is quite often priced exorbitantly throughout design centers nationwide. We refuse to offer anything to our clients which is not only of the finest craftsmanship but also reasonably priced with respect to the present fine furniture and design markets worldwide. This practice ensures we attract discerning collectors year after year and continue to grow as one of the most dependable sources for fine antiques and furniture the world over.

This commode has a commanding presence and embodies the long tradition of fine French craftsmanship sought out across the globe. The top of the commode is graced by an exceptional slab of emerald green marble which has a brilliant grain pattern and faceted edge along each side. Traditional walnut veneers are employed on the main body of the commode with large sections of marquetry inlaid designs spanning all four sides and ebonized woodwork which contrast the bright and bold Louis XIV style. The case is gracefully curved outwards which is referred to as "bombe" from the French word to bulge or swell. There are four prominent cabriole legs at each corner of the desk which elevates it to an extraordinary stature. Most significant is the presence of caryatid female embellishments in the Greco-Roman classical tradition which are executed to masterful lifelike detail. The ormolu hardware is not only gilt washed but also fire gilded which requires a much higher grade of metal working proficiency for a result that can not be replicated through any other means. One will not truly understand how beautiful the ornamental mountings and hardware are until viewed in person with sunlight refracting off the gilded surfaces. Our photos will provide some insight however without the benefit of experiencing the masterwork in person all pictures fall short of capturing the true beauty imbued into the fire gilded bronze surfaces. The commode features two fully functional drawers as well a balanced design on all four sides should this piece be displayed in the center of a room. The legs terminate in gilded classical style lion paw feet adorned with acanthus leaf embellishments and tapered leg support caps alongside each of the ornamental feet. The commode measures 44” wide x 29” deep x 32 1/2” tall. 

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