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Federal Tiger Maple & Cherry Pennsylvania Bachelor's Chest of Drawers / Dresser

Federal Tiger Maple & Cherry Pennsylvania Bachelor's Chest of Drawers / Dresser

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With our highest compliments Bay Colony Antiques is delighted to present for sale an extremely choice and rare early American bachelor's chest of drawers or dresser. This chest is constructed with the finest native cherry hardwood and exceptionally bold tiger maple drawer fronts which contrast each other in the most extraordinary way. The balance of the two beautiful natural tones and aspects of the cherry and tiger maple woods create a masterful aesthetic very few chests of drawers from this era possess. This low chest or bachelor chest, so named for a gentleman with limited clothing storage needs, is quite a prized piece for any collector searching for an usual and rare piece of early 19th century history with aesthetic appeal. Aside from the history and uniqueness of design, this chest is among the most functional and well proportioned examples still available from the height of the American federal period. A well formed convex shaped top drawer rests above the largest and most practical storage drawer with the two lower drawers having been constructed to different sized increments which allow the owner optimal storage with respect to their daily needs. The drawer configuration may seem obvious, however only a few chests from this era are constructed for practicality or ease of use on an everyday basis. Most chests of drawers adhere to a traditional graduated drawer format with the smaller drawers at the top requiring the owner to bend down in order to access the most practical storage drawers. The next owner of this exquisite dresser will appreciate how well conceived the drawer configuration was designed as they experience the efficiency of design on a daily basis for what we hope will be generations to come. This chest was constructed somewhere in the Central or Western Pennsylvania region or quite possibly lower New York or the Ohio River Valley region circa 1800 - 1820 by an expert cabinetmaker who clearly understood the finer points of traditional craftsmanship. The case is constructed with a frame and panel technique which allows the centuries old hardwoods to float in a framework ensuring limited changes to the wood throughout a very long lifespan as all wooden furniture needs to be able to adapt to seasonal changes in humidity. On a lesser made chest you would expect to find warping or seasoning splits typical for a centuries old chest however this example has no such concerns. The chest is finely dovetailed at each joint of the drawer boxes as another testament to the quality of construction and superiority of design. The overhung top enhances the overall appeal of this chest along with finely turned elements flanking the upper drawer sections and four well formed feet which raise the dresser to an appropriate height for daily use. We are quite taken with how subtle and elegant many of the design features were constructed along with how strikingly beautiful the tiger maple and cherry woods appear in any light condition. There is no better way to view this exceptional chest of drawers than in person with some natural sunlight to highlight all the rich character that our basic photographs fall short of capturing. It is truly a privilege to handle this wonderful chest and we hope our enthusiasm extends to the next generation of ownership. The chest measures 45” wide x 20 3/4” deep x 39 5/8” tall.


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