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Early 19th Century Antique Federal Tiger Maple Writing Desk With Single Drawer

Early 19th Century Antique Federal Tiger Maple Writing Desk With Single Drawer

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With our absolute highest compliments Bay Colony Antiques takes the utmost pleasure in offering this spectacular and rare early American writing desk. This specimen is without question one of the finest and rarest examples we have ever encountered in over half a century of being engaged in the antiques market. There are three primary considerations which elevates this antique writing desk well above all other antique writing desks currently circulating the traditional and online antique sales venues. The first aspect worth noting is the early age of the desk. We have made available photographs of the interior of the drawer box, the underside of the drawer panel, a view of the underside of the top of the desk, and a picture of the very bottom of the turned legs. All aspects of this desk are correct and true to the nature of an early American piece of furniture made throughout the Federal period during the first quarter of the 19th century. Every component demonstrates that the desk has oxidized appropriately with respect to the nature of old growth lumber throughout two centuries of life.

This writing desk being a period correct and unadulterated antique is important when giving consideration to the additional attributes of this remarkable antique. Secondly, the entire desk is constructed with a premium grade of solid tiger maple lumber that is prized far above most other old growth lumbers particularly in the field of antique collecting. It is no secret that antique furniture made from solid curly or tiger maple is heavily sought after and scarce by nature which is why many contemporary examples were constructed in the 20th century to fill demand from avid furniture collectors. Because this writing desk is so unusual and such a scarce example we felt it necessary to immediately highlight the oxidation patterns revealed by looking underneath and behind the writing drawer. Quite often furniture made to simulate true early American furniture is made with previously oxidized lumber however since the replica has not aged in sequence there are inconsistencies easy exposed by a professional restorer or knowledgeable antique reseller. Finally, the overall form of the writing desk is a major consideration in determining just how rare of an example this offering truly is. Traditionally writing desks or dressing tables, as they can often be interchangeably labeled, are narrower in stature and may have an arrangement of deck top drawers on the surface which limits the overall surface area. The proportions of this writing desk are extremely unusual as longer formed examples are few and far between. This desk is an important and rare example of a scarce early American form and has the added benefit of being quite practical in many different rooms of the home or as a hallway console. The drawer is joined with a handcut dovetail and there is evidence on the drawer face that at one time it had different hardware which was removed. Each of the legs is finely turned in the Sheraton manner and the desk features wonderful ball formed feet. Overall the writing desk measures 38 3/4" wide x 21 1/8" deep x 28 1/2" tall.


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