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Early 19th Century Antique Federal Kentucky Cherry Inlaid Work Table - Very Rare

Early 19th Century Antique Federal Kentucky Cherry Inlaid Work Table - Very Rare

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With our absolute highest compliments Bay Colony Antiques takes the utmost pleasure in offering this exceptional and rare early American work table. We always hold a choice selection of fine antique work tables some of which are worthy of museums and important institutions while others are made in a similar manner for modest collections. The work table we now offer is perhaps the finest of its kind that we have ever brought to market. This two drawer work table is an incredibly rare example of a Kentucky made table produced at the beginning of the 19th century likely around the year 1810. We have had the privilege of working with extremely discerning collectors of Kentucky made antique furniture throughout many years and we are always thrilled to get anything related to the early history of the region. Some of our most cherished Kentucky offerings have been antique tall case clocks, antique sugar chests, antique chests of drawers, and antique blanket boxes just to name several varieties. The reason we are denoting this is to emphasize that we have yet to offer a truly exceptional antique work table from the state of Kentucky in all our years of collecting and bringing collections to market. While it is likely that we have had examples go through our hands before without fully knowing the entire history behind the antique this is the first work table we can say with full confidence is a true Kentucky made work table in this format.

To gain expertise in Southern American furniture takes a considerable amount of time since so much of the southern cultural heritage has been lost to time or outright destroyed. We are grateful to the Speed Art Museum and The Museum of Early Southern Decorative Arts for providing some of the best examples of regional Kentucky furniture in our nation so that we may study and draw comparisons from for the benefit of our collectors. For those fortunate enough to have the opportunity we strongly recommend a trip to either institution as the educational experience offered is unique and unparalleled. After enough exposure to regional Kentucky antique examples the distinctive qualities of the cherry wood grain and characteristics of the hand cut dovetails becomes easily recognizable when compared to examples from other states. If for no other reason a trip to these marvelous collections is a rewarding and enriching experience many are not fortunate enough to be able to enjoy.

This work table is constructed primarily of cherry and features exceptional holly string inlay around the side panels and diamond pattern escutcheons in the center of each drawer. The top is fashioned with an ovolo shape at each corner which contributes to the sophistication of design and aesthetic appeal. The drawers are expertly dovetailed and entirely original without any alterations or repairs to speak of. Four finely turned legs are expertly tapered and feature compacted ball and ringlet variations which is a mainstay of American federal furniture produced in the Sheraton manner. The table has a beautiful patina and overall appearance and will absolutely enrich any historical collection or home it is placed in. To reiterate our previous statement this is the finest regional Kentucky work table that we have ever offered and we take the utmost pleasure in offering this remarkable table to the public. We have no doubt that a deserving collector will come to love this table as we have and it will find its way into a collection where it will be cared for many years to come. The stand measures 20 1/8” wide x 18 3/4” deep x 28 3/4” tall.


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