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We are delighted to offer you this fabulous Circa 1920 Chippendale/Federal styled mahogany two piece true Bubble Glass Breakfront with nicely appointed Butler's Desk. This is the best available anywhere at present. We have several other fine Breakfronts in our inventory and actively hunt them as aggressively as we can. Finding true Bubble Glass specimen's has been extremely difficult. Most, including one of our others, are convex formed glass specimens and unlike here with the big exaggerated Bubble Glass Lights (panes). A good amount of these are in the sunburst finish and we don't find those desirable with our clients. This is the one we've been after and we are thrilled to be selling it. It has a total of 28 lights that consist of Four huge ovals, Eight half ovals and Sixteen triangular lights. We note (and didn't even see it ourselves until we got it off site and back to the shop) two tiny cracks in two minor triangular lights. They are insignificant and probably caused by manufacturing. They are very hard to spot and are only noticeable if you are critically examining the breakfront. No major lights are damaged and that is the critical factor. This glass has to be heated and bent to form the true bubble effect and the bigger the bubble is made the more likelihood of its cracking. We have offered one very up close photo of what we are discussing here. Not to take up much more time discussing it, but if it was a true issue we wouldn't be selling it. We would simply ship this off to auction. Here, we tell you everything! You deserve nothing less when buying by photographs. That is the difference between us and some auction sale. We can only imagine how many panes of glass cracked while the furniture maker was trying to complete each one of these. Besides the well covered bubble glass this Breakfront has wonderful details, like an Egg & Dart carved crown molding, floral and acanthus carved fully formed columns, applied carved moldings on the case, molded doors and drawers. It is adorned with lovely decorative original brass bails with big generous rosettes. It is topped off with a particularly nice Butler's Desk with red Moroccan Leather defined by gold hand tooled embossing. The entire two piece case is most notably super clean. The top section has a total of four doors and two shelves. The base is flanked by right & left cabinet doors opening to one shelf storage units, right and left drawers over the cabinets, the big desk compartment with three additional drawers under that. It is 66" long, 17" wide and 82" tall.

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