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Antique Victorian Oak Carved Single Door Bookcase Cabinet With Adjusting Shelves

Antique Victorian Oak Carved Single Door Bookcase Cabinet With Adjusting Shelves

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With our absolute highest compliments Bay Colony Antiques takes the utmost pleasure in offering this wonderful antique Victorian bookcase. This piece is one of the cleanest and finely preserved examples we have been able to put forward in quite some time. Antique bookcases are highly sought after amongst collectors as they are far superior to anything produced in the modern day and remain perfectly functional and useful for the indefinite future. Aside from their obvious intended purpose of storing large quantities of books many people choose to showcase valuable collections of antique or treasured items as these cabinets also serve as fine antique display cabinets. Single door bookcases are particularly prized as fewer were produced compared to double and triple door bookcases and there are more places in a home where they can serve their purpose. Additionally, far fewer collectors are willing to part with their antique single door bookcases as they remain perfectly useful no matter where they are brought in the country and transporting them between different locations is much easier compared to larger bookcases. We are grateful anytime we have the fortune of purchasing such a bookcase as they are incredibly useful and always find their way into wonderful homes.

This bookcase was produced in the late 19th century during the height of the Victorian period. It features several adjustable shelves which is far more desirable than bookcases which only accommodate shelves in a fixed position. A vertical series of system holes allows shelf pins to be placed anywhere from the bottom to the top of the cabinet interior so that the user may house any collection of books or objects regardless of stationary height. The bookcase is finished with a beautiful golden toned oak color which has oxidized throughout the years creating a very desirable color not commonly found on similar cabinets. The top of the front is graced by a finely carved horizontal element and the front legs are shaped with exceptional detail. The bookcase measures 26" wide x 12 1/4" deep x 55 3/4" tall.


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