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Antique Victorian Bookcase / China Cabinet with Glass Door & Freemason Carvings

Antique Victorian Bookcase / China Cabinet with Glass Door & Freemason Carvings

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Bay Colony Antiques is pleased to offer for sale this wonderful 19th century Antique Victorian single door bookcase / China cabinet. The cabinet is in wonderful condition and retains its original wavy glass, brass hardware, and raised gallery. The cabinet has shallow line carvings along the stiles with carved panels at the top and bottom. The carvings are all different and we’re pretty sure they’re Masonic symbols. The lower carvings feature a plant motif with two symbols that look like the letter A with a double strike through it. This might be an allusion to the Scottish Rite and be an abbreviation for Ancient & Accepted. The upper panels have a pair of shepherd's crooks with a hilted sword at the center. The cabinet has 4 shelves and a single drawer that retains its original brass hardware and steel lock.

We have a nearly identical bookcase at the moment with the only major difference being that the gallery was terminated and plugged on the other one and we purchased it with the glass missing so it will have replaced glass once it’s restored. Because they’re not completely identical we planned on just selling them individually but wanted to make any interested parties aware because it’s extremely difficult to find a matching pair of antique bookcases or pair of antique China cabinets. We’ll include a picture of the two side by side in this listing. The bookcase measures 30” wide x 14 1/2” deep x 67” tall at the top of the gallery.


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