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Antique Sheraton Style Cherry & Tiger Maple Drop Leaf Dining Table with Gateleg

Antique Sheraton Style Cherry & Tiger Maple Drop Leaf Dining Table with Gateleg

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Bay Colony Antiques takes the utmost pleasure in offering this wonderful 19th century antique Tiger Maple & Cherry drop leaf dining table. The table remains in great condition and is a fine surviving example of a traditional New England dining table made for a family who could afford furnishings crafted from premium grades of lumber. We love the dramatic contrast between the light curly maple base and the darker highly figured specimen of old growth cherry that was selected for the top of the dining table and each of the dropleaf ends. When the leaves are folded upright there is enough surface area to accommodate an entire family sitting at the table for dinner as was customary during the time period in which the table was made. The ability for each leaf to fold downward was a necessary consideration as antique American homes were often wanting for space and most furniture was designed to maximize utility. Even today demand remains strong for premium grades of antique dropleaf tables which can host large gatherings of people and then can be quickly reduced in size.

One notable feature of this example is that the craftsman went above and beyond by constructing two additional swinging gatelegs that in total allow for six legs to provide extra stability and secure usage for any occasion. In addition to being a nice aesthetic choice, the six legs were probably a necessity given the large size & density of the single board leaves. Another consideration that elevates this table above many other examples of the same era is the presence of an extra-long single drawer housed within the apron of the table. Once you have lived with an antique table which contains a full utility drawer you will never want to go back to life without the convenience of the added feature. The table is supported by six well-turned legs in the Sheraton manner with fine ringlet turnings and charming compressed ball feet. The table is in wonderful condition with our only notes being minor surface wear & one of the old hinges with the word “PATENT” stamped onto them has a small crack. The crack doesn't impede use of the hinge at all because the pin still secures everything together, but we'll point out any "flaw" we note on inspection no matter how small or inconsequential they may be. With the leaves down the table measures 22 3/4” wide x 42 3/4” deep x 29 1/2” tall. When the leaves are locked up the tabletop measures 60 3/4” wide x 42 3/4” deep.


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