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Antique Queen Anne Pennsylvania Six Board Blanket Chest in Grain Painted Surface

Antique Queen Anne Pennsylvania Six Board Blanket Chest in Grain Painted Surface

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With our highest compliments Bay Colony Antiques takes the distinct pleasure in offering for sale a truly fine and exceptional antique blanket box that we absolutely cherish owning. We have been fortunate to have handled some of the finest American painted furniture throughout generations of continued business in the antiques industry and whenever we find a piece which is not just remarkable but also scarce and unique we will do whatever it takes to bring it home with us. Everything we offer is valued at fair market price with respect to what collectors will pay to own a treasured American antique but if we had unlimited resources we would buy every single finely decorated American country painted antique that is out there and hold on to them firmly as we have found that demand and value is nearly guaranteed to rise continually. Some of the most endearing clients we have had the privilege of serving first contacted us because they discovered an unusually high quality country painted antique in a past offering and it has been our great pleasure to maintain relationships with an array of brilliant collectors and from time to time pick their brains when something comes in the door unlike anything offered in the market.

This antique blanket chest is constructed with solid tulip poplar and originated somewhere in Pennsylvania during the second half of the 19th century. Based upon the steel barrel hinges, hand cut iron nails beneath the chest, and the surface condition of the original grain painting we have conservatively dated this box to circa 1850 -1860 however we leave open the possibility that it is a generation older. We are unsure of where exactly in Pennsylvania this box was made but we can safely assume that either Eastern or Central Pennsylvania was the place of origin based upon the proficiency of the cabinetmaker who joined the case and turned the feet. It has been our experience that furniture made in Western Pennsylvania and into the Ohio River Valley doesn't have the same sophistication. The box retains the original steel hasp however it was taken off to prevent the chest from locking shut absent the original key. An expert artisan grain painter meticulously decorated the exterior of this blanket chest with first a mustard yellow surface and then later applied sequential freehand brushstroke patterns in a darker pigmented color that provides an added dimension of elegance to the entire piece. We would ask anyone admiring this blanket chest to take note of the unique design and enhance the view of our photos because they truly do not capture the full artistic beauty of the painted surface. The surface of the lid has seen more sustained wear than the rest of the chest and is in a darker surface without the same elaborated grain painting. The blanket chest is masterfully dovetailed and raised on four finely turned ball feet which are also paint decorated. When the blanket chest is open the true grain of the tulip poplar wood is revealed without the same oxidation as the backside of the box. This example is one of our favorite grain painted country antique items we have handled and we truly look forward to finding a worthy home for this chest where it will be well cared for and preserved for future generations. The chest measures 48 1/4" wide x 22" deep x 26 1/2" tall. The interior has useable dimensions of 44 1/2" wide x 19" deep x 18 3/4" tall. When the lid is fully open the height is 47 1/4" tall.


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