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New Hampshire

Antique New Hampshire Federal Birds Eye Maple Butlers Desk With Full Interior

Antique New Hampshire Federal Birds Eye Maple Butlers Desk With Full Interior

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Bay Colony Antiques is proud to offer for sale this fantastic early 19th century antique Sheraton Birds Eye Maple butlers desk. The desk was constructed at the turn of the 19th century, sometime between the years 1790 - 1810 as the American federal period was prospering throughout the newly independent states. We know from the oral history of ownership that this desk did not leave the state of New Hampshire until the moment we were fortunate enough to procure it. Today many important New England furniture collections house boldly figured tiger and bird's eye maple furnishings from this era in American History. The striking appearance of the desk is due to the use of extremely bold grained Birds Eye maple veneer, which were carefully selected and applied to create a mesmerizing grain pattern on the drawer faces. At a time in early colonial history where exotic woods such as mahogany were imported into coastal American cities, the talented cabinetmakers of rural America sought out the finest flitches and solid hardwood stock that the countryside had to offer. Of all the elegant American hardwoods such as cherry, walnut, and oak; bold maple trees were the most prized and sought after wherever craftsman could claim those choicest of timbers. A generation before this desk was constructed the fiery colonists of New Hampshire rose up in defiance of the English king for the right to use the very hardwood trees which grew upon what is now our sovereign land. This desk exudes a classic elegance and is a testament to the fine craftsmanship and artisanry of the era.

One of the most notable features of this desk is its top drawer, which opens to reveal seven interior drawers. Each of these drawers boasts the same beautiful Birds Eye maple faces as the exterior drawers and is adorned with brass lion head pulls, which add a touch of regal sophistication to the piece. The desk provides ample space for organizing important documents, stationery, and other items. The Birds Eye maple veneer creates a beautiful contrast with the desk's darker body, giving it a unique and striking appearance. This antique butler's desk is a rare and valuable find, and its classic design and beautiful craftsmanship make it an excellent addition to any antique collection or as a statement piece in any home. The desk is in very good condition with our only notes being a few old repairs to the cock bead molding around the drawers and some light finish loss on the top. The desk measures 42 1/4" wide x 21 1/2" deep x 43 1/2" tall. When the lid is open the depth changes from 21 1/2" to 39 1/2" and the work surface measures 35 1/4" wide x 18 1/2" deep.


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