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Antique Mahogany Card Table / Game Table With Canted Corners - Boston CA 1810

Antique Mahogany Card Table / Game Table With Canted Corners - Boston CA 1810

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With our highest compliments & utmost honors, Bay Colony Antiques is proud to offer for sale this fantastic early 19th century antique Boston Mahogany card table. A finely crafted card table made from imported Mahogany was quite the status symbol in the 18th & 19th centuries and would have only been affordable to families of means. Our catalog has been a bit light on quality card tables lately but not from a lack of effort, just most that we encounter either have warped tops, significant inlay loss, or structural repairs. We’re very excited to offer this wonderful table to our collectors around the world.

A beautiful piece of solid Mahogany was used for the top, and the table exhibits a superior form, most notably the unusual shape with canted corners. The skirt mirrors the shape of the top with a vibrant Crotch Mahogany veneer showcased on the front and sides. The table rests on four elegant reed carved legs with inlaid Mahogany panels above the front corner legs. The table is in great condition with our only notes being an old repair to the back where slotted screws were added, a small repair on the rear block of the gate leg, & minor surface wear. The table measures 37” wide x 18” deep x 29 1/4” tall when closed. When the top is open the tabletop measures 37” wide x 36” deep.


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