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Antique Hepplewhite Southern Mahogany Pembroke Table With Rare Barber Pole Inlay

Antique Hepplewhite Southern Mahogany Pembroke Table With Rare Barber Pole Inlay

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With our absolute highest compliments Bay Colony Antiques takes the utmost pleasure in offering this early and rare American pembroke table. We have been fortunate to have owned many fine examples of early American pembroke tables primarily from the Northeastern and Mid-Atlantic regions, so we consider any chance to secure a much scarcer southern table a rare opportunity since so many of these examples have been lost to time. This table combines elements of sophistication and simplicity with the classic pembroke dropleaf form further enhanced with exotic old growth mahogany and the presence of pattern inlay work. At a glance it is easy to overlook the remarkable degree of craftsmanship labored into the inlays along each of the legs as the detailing is quite subtle. Each of the tapered legs features double line inlays of alternating variegated woods diagonally inset along a pattern line in a barber pole styling that all consist of hundreds of individually hand cut splices of wood. All of the legs feature double line inlay work with the barber pole design in mirror opposition to each other which creates a wonderful contrast. A single band of inlay spans the entire apron of the table with a golden color that brilliantly forms an accent line amidst the warm darker tone of the mahogany frame.

The table has dropleaf sides which are affixed by the original 18th century hand forged iron hinges. A single antique brass handle was fitted to the table drawer at some point centuries ago. In the center of the bail handle is a smaller center hole where the original simplistic knob was once placed. A common practice with rural early American furniture was to start with a basic knob pull often made of wood or turned brass and then it would be later replaced when a superior brass handle or pull could be sourced. At the time of the American Revolution brass was very difficult to source and only in the following years could the finer furniture produced earlier in time be fitted with a fancier piece of hardware. Another common practice in households during the late 18th century was to periodically replace furniture hardware every generation as to keep with the fashions of the era. The drawer is constructed with southern yellow pine secondary wood and is joined with exceptional hand cut dovetails. We note minimal repair work at the top of a table leg perfectly acceptable with respect to the age of this table. The entire table has remained in excellent condition with sturdy and secure joinery which will continue to provide reliable support for generations to come. This example is truly one of the finest southern American Pembroke tables that we have ever encountered and will undoubtedly find its way into a beautiful collection where early antiques are treasured. The table measures 30 1/4" deep from the front to back and 20 1/2" wide with the dropleaf ends downward. Overall, the table stands 28 1/4" tall.


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