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Antique Federal Bird's Eye Maple & Cherry Ohio Butler's Desk With Full Interior

Antique Federal Bird's Eye Maple & Cherry Ohio Butler's Desk With Full Interior

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With our highest compliments Bay Colony Antiques takes the utmost pleasure in offering this exceptional early 19th century antique butler's desk. We have been privileged to have owned some truly incredible variations of early butler's desks throughout the past several decades with examples ranging from New England to South Carolina all of which went into extraordinary collections of fine antiques. This desk which we now presently offer is among the choicest specimens that we have ever encountered and our excitement to bring it to market is a reflection of just how unique this piece is. The entire form of the chest is designed to cater to the needs of a gentleman living in the early 19th century with three full drawers made for the storage of clothing and accessories. The top drawer functions with a semi-circular hinge system designed to allow the front of the drawer to fall forward so that a writing surface becomes available. Two centuries ago it was common for anyone who could afford a butler's desk to write correspondences and maintain their household affairs while standing at the front of the desk. A full interior of smaller drawers and compartments served as a complete stationary system with interior cavities available for document storage. When the user no longer has need of the writing surface the entire drawer face tracks back upward with the same semi circular hinge system and a button in the center of a tombstone shaped inset lock mounted on the ends of the drawer interior is depressed allowing the drawer face to clip back into position. This ingenious design served the needs of most gentlemen of means for the entirety of the 19th century and these early butler's desks are still highly prized by collectors with historical interiors who wish to have the same storage and functional considerations as those for whom these desks were first made.

The entire desk is comprised of brilliant bird's eye maple and solid cherry for the primary case construction which creates a stunning contrast between the two varying woods. The grain of the bird's eye maple is highly figured and featured on both the front of the case as well as the primary interior. With the benefit of sunlight the entire desk takes on a beautiful and illuminating appearance and along with the commanding form of the chest of drawers the overall presence of this piece is absolutely remarkable. On either side of the case of drawers are unusual serpentine form half column embellishments which provide the chest with an unusually charming element not commonly found on early chests of this period. The chest is supported on finely turned cherry legs in the Sheraton manner and the entire case is build with frame and panel construction which has allowed the piece to survive centuries of seasonal weathering and periodic changes in humidity which require the wooden case to expand and contract. The backboards bare the inscription "E. Sieg Perrysville O" which we interpret as the original owner or maker of the chest written in the original early 19th century script. The presence of this historical provenance provides this chest a degree of gravitas which is in strong demand from collectors of early American furniture and art. In every possible regard this antique butler's desk has every quality and attribute any discerning collector could hope to have in an early American chest. We note some shrinkage areas where the bird's eye maple veneer has weathered, surface scratches on the top, and small losses at drawer corners. The chest lacks an iron lock from one of the long drawers, a lock from the door of the writing interior, and a tombstone lock absent from the right side of the fall front top drawer interior. Please refer to the photographs for the true condition of the chest as we present all items in natural daylight so that all prospective buyers have the truest representation of how any antique naturally appears. We disclose every possible notable detail with every product we offer as all antiques require a special amount of attention and care. This chest is by all measures a truly remarkable example and we couldn't be prouder to market this piece to a new owner who will care and cherish it for generations to come. The butler's desk measures 43" wide x 22" deep x 47 1/2" tall overall.


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