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Antique Arts & Crafts Oak Slatted Tabourette / Plant Stand

Antique Arts & Crafts Oak Slatted Tabourette / Plant Stand

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Bay Colony Antiques is delighted to offer for sale this fantastic early 20th century antique Arts & Crafts Tiger Oak slatted tabourette table. Although the majority of our attention is on 18th & 19th century furniture, those who follow us know we’re no stranger to top tier Arts & Crafts Furniture and have found some great early pieces as of late. We have a few early Stickley pieces in stock, and just purchased one of the best sets of Arts & crafts chairs that we’ve ever seen which we’ll be listing shortly. It has been at least a few years since we last had a diminutive table like this and the last one was snatched up rather quickly. These simply never surface, and we’d have an easier time going out and finding signed Gustav Stickley pieces than if we were tasked to find another one of these tables. We have a pretty sizable library of early 20th century furniture catalogs but couldn’t find this table listed for sale in any of them. We did notice that not many manufacturers even made tabourettes, which helps explain their scarcity in the market. Of the makers that did make them, we imagine a lot more desks, tables, rockers, and armchairs were made as they were more functional items & a small tabourette would have been a luxury item, not a necessity. These work well alongside Arts & crafts armchairs / settle benches and should line up right around seat height on most chairs. These also make nice plant stands & lamp tables. The table is in very good condition with our only notes being minor surface wear. The table measures 13 3/4” wide x 13 3/4” deep x 17 3/4 tall (18” tall at the top of the posts).


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