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Antique Arts & Crafts Oak Bookcase With Leaded & Stained Glass Panels by Larkin

Antique Arts & Crafts Oak Bookcase With Leaded & Stained Glass Panels by Larkin

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With our absolute highest compliments Bay Colony Antiques takes the utmost pleasure in offering this wonderful antique bookcase. This example was manufactured at the turn of the 20th century by the Larkin Company of Buffalo, NY. These bookcases have become some of the most heavily sought after antique furnishings throughout the country as demand has remained strong and continued to rise against growing scarcity. Anyone looking to furnish an Arts & Crafts home or with need of a bookcase that can house a large assortment of books will find that this antique treasure is the perfect solution. Originally The Larkin Soap Company produced these bookcases as promotional items to bolster the sale of their soap and toiletry products with these bookcases arriving ready to assemble at customer's homes. A century later they have become recognized as some of the finest bookcases made throughout the country and have all but disappeared from regular availability. We have owned many examples identical to this bookcase and delivered them to homes all across America. Larkin would place a single paper label to identify the production details of each bookcase on the center of every backboard and it is typical to find that the brittle paper label withers away leaving only a rectangular outline.

This bookcase features beautiful emerald green stained glass panels which have all been faceted into diamond shapes and leaded into a broader geometric pattern. Due to the sensitive nature of antique leaded glass many of these bookcases have been irreparably damaged and had the glass removed. It is a delight to find one of these bookcases with the original glass left undisturbed and in overall excellent condition. The bookcase has double doors which open to reveal four adjustable shelves. This bookcase is entirely all original including still having the desirable factory finish which has developed a rich patina over time. Our only notes are a tiny split to one of the smallest glass panes and a small area where the leaded glass bows inward which is caused from too much sunlight exposure over a long period of time. These little affects are to be expected and are generally welcomed as they are a further indication that the bookcase has been left alone and not cleverly enhanced with different glass. All of the leaded panels remain tight and dependable with only a low tinging sound produced whenever the bookcase is moved a distance. This happens because one of the smallest glass panes is floating within the leaded perimeter set for it and is only shifting around the slightest degree whenever the bookcase gets relocated. We describe all of our antique offerings down to minutia and only wish to give prospective buyers the fullest description possible of whatever we have catalogued. Anything that is cause for concern gets addressed right away by our restorers and we only denote the full condition of the glass so that the next owner understands every facet and quirk of owning this antique treasure. Overall the bookcase measures 42" long x 14" wide x 57 1/2" tall with the interior having 38 1/2" x 11" of usable storage space and the very widest point of the case measuring 14 1/2" where the feet protrude out from the case.


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