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19th C Antique Victorian Tiger Oak Danner 5 Tier Revolving Bookcase - Standard 5

19th C Antique Victorian Tiger Oak Danner 5 Tier Revolving Bookcase - Standard 5

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With our highest compliments Bay Colony Antiques is pleased to offer for sale this absolutely wonderful antique tiger oak revolving bookcase by the John Danner co. John Danner patented his design in 1876 and they were offered in a few select varieties. The entire oak structure is suspended a top a central inner column. Similar "lazy susan" designs were available at the time but Danner's bookcases were crafted much better with a single pivot point supporting the bookcase giving the easiest operation. John Danner said "These cases, with their immense load, revolve with a slight touch of the hand; are noiseless in operation, and will last a lifetime."

This is Danner's signature #5 Standard Case. The # corresponds to the number of shelves and customers were able to order anywhere from 1 - 8 sections, possibly even more. 3 and 4 sections were the most popular and kept in stock and anything 5 and up was a special order with the 5 tier originally priced at $22. Danner held trade agreements with merchants across the country and regularly shipped his cases by rail. We've attached a picture from an original Danner catalog for reference only, it's not included in the listing. The standard cases are larger than the Champion series and this bookcase measures 24" wide x 24" deep x 66 1/2" tall. The shelves measures 14" wide x 7 1/2" deep with the bottom shelf having a useable height of 12 1/8" tall and the other four having a useable height of 10 1/8” tall. This came to us without wheels but we find that most people don’t move these around and usually just leave them in a corner and rotate them. The bookcase revolves effortlessly and is in wonderful condition with our only notes being minor surface wear and the missing wheels.

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