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19th C Antique Victorian Burl Walnut Wardrobe / Armoire - Thomas Brooks NYC

19th C Antique Victorian Burl Walnut Wardrobe / Armoire - Thomas Brooks NYC

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With our highest compliments and utmost honors, Bay Colony Antiques is proud to offer for sale this exceptional 19th century antique Victorian burl Walnut Wardrobe by Thomas Brooks. Thomas brooks was a prolific institutional level cabinet maker working in New York City at the height of the Victorian period. Brooks’ warehouse was on Fulton st in Brooklyn and he’s one of the most celebrated cabinet makers of the time sharing a market with Belter, Meeks, & many others. As the 19th century progressed, New York City pulled ahead as America’s most innovative city for cabinet making and reigned supreme until the turn of 20th century when furniture companies moved into Western NY & Grand Rapids. This will take a grand room to house but if you have the right space this is one of the finest wardrobes we’ve encountered in years. We really don’t handle many because they command so much warehouse space but we were willing to make an exception for this stunning piece. The wardrobe has Walnut doors with book matched burl Walnut panels. There’s another burl Walnut panel at the center of the crown and on the columns on each side of the front. The columns are capped with a variation of a Corinthian capital with a small flower carving between the leaves. The base of the columns have a unique bastion or brick work carving that we’ve only seen a handful of times. The gradual transition from the round columns to the square base is extremely well executed and really adds to the overall congruency of the design. The wardrobe has two interior drawers with white pine secondaries and there is a telescoping pole at the top of each side for easier access to the clothes. The wardrobe can be taken apart into 6 separate components and is easy to assemble but should be done with another person because it makes installing the doors easier. The wardrobe has a commanding presence measuring 65 3/4” wide x 24 3/4” deep x 86 3/4” tall. The base is a bit narrower measuring 61 1/2” wide x 22 3/4” deep.


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