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19th C Antique Cherry Sheraton Work Table / Nightstand ~ Isaac Wright Hartford

19th C Antique Cherry Sheraton Work Table / Nightstand ~ Isaac Wright Hartford

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Bay Colony Antiques is proud to offer for sale this fantastic 19th century antique Sheraton Cherry work table / nightstand by Isaac Wright of Hartford Connecticut. Isaac Wright was a cabinet & chair maker from Hartford Connecticut and a few of his pieces can be seen in the Connecticut Historical Society collections and local house museums like the Butler-McCook house. Although Isaac Wright was a cabinet maker, he saw most of his success in furniture dealing. Wright would place large orders from established craftsmen like Hitchcock and receive a discounted rate to sell to his local market. He would purchase the chairs for close to a dollar and probably made a markup of about 10-20 cents a chair. The business method was very profitable for Mr Wright and through this method he could offer a variety of new styles to his clients in the Hartford area, even if he wasn’t trained in them. Wright’s original workshop was situated along the Connecticut River and we do believe this table was made by him. Please note the way the drawer is constructed with two abutting bottom panels as described in the two pieces belonging to the Connecticut Historical Society. Furthermore, the turning patterns and compressed ball feet are quite similar and the design is very in tune to furniture that was produced in Hartford at the time. The stand is signed “Isaac Wright & CO Cabinet Chair & Upholstery Warehouse Hartford Conn” inside the drawer panel. The stand measures 20” wide x 16 3/4” deep x 28 3/4” tall.


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