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18th C Antique Queen Anne Pennsylvania Walnut Document Box / Chest

18th C Antique Queen Anne Pennsylvania Walnut Document Box / Chest

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Bay Colony Antiques is proud to offer for sale this charming 18th century antique Queen Anne Pennsylvania Walnut miniature chest. We really don't think this was a Bible box because of the proportions but because of the lock it was obviously meant to house something valuable like sugar, tea, family heirlooms, or a weapon. It’s true every antique tells a story, and some are more interesting than others. A lock on a wooden box can only do so much and while you can’t prevent somebody from forcing the lock open, the damage they will do to the box will at least alert you there’s a problem. So now you’ve been stolen from and your dovetailed Walnut box has been destroyed. This was made in the 18th century and you couldn’t just go out and buy another box so the owner opted for a make-do repair. The top of the box was removed and the cavity that once housed the lock was filled. The box was then flipped over with the top now where the bottom once was and vice versa. The lock was probably broken and discarded after the burglary but this simple yet ingenious iron work allows the box to lock again. Considering the box was made around the American Revolution it’s in pretty good condition with our only notes being the conversion, an old repair to the lid by the right hinge, and a shellac fill where the original escutcheon hole was. Early Pennsylvania dovetailed boxes like this are highly collectible and we’re sure some will snub their nose at the old repair but believe others will be keen to purchase a rare early box at a steep discount. The box measures 18 1/2” wide x 9” deep x 7 3/4” tall. The interior measures 16 3/4” wide x 7 1/2” deep x 6 1/2” tall. When the lid is fully open the height is 16” tall.


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