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18th C Antique Federal Period Birds Eye Maple Rope Bed - Curly Maple Bed

18th C Antique Federal Period Birds Eye Maple Rope Bed - Curly Maple Bed

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Bay Colony Antiques is delighted to offer for sale this fantastic 18th century antique Birds Eye Maple rope bed. The Maple used for the headboard & footboard has Birds Eye & Curly figuring. It’s rare to find them together, especially so with this knot frequency. We’ve heard every theory as to why the Birds Eye figuring comes to be from pecking birds to fungal infections. There’s still not a concise answer but the one that seems to hold the most water is that these are failed offshoots that developed under unfavorable conditions. The headboard & footboard both have double panel construction with the visible panels on the footboard having a beveled edge. The turning patterns on the posts are very nice and the bed is completely undisturbed with the only alterations being the addition of the iron L brackets.

A rope foundation could still be used and the mattress would usually be placed right on top without a box spring. The L brackets drop down a few inches and we’d recommend a low profile box spring around 2-3 inches thick to keep more of the headboard exposed after the mattress is added. The interior dimensions between the iron brackets is 49 1/2” wide x 72” deep. If you wanted a couple more inches in width a rabbet edge box spring is shaped like an uppercase T and is designed to sit over the rails with the majority of the body between them. If a rabbet edge box spring is used the dimensions would be 54 3/4” wide x 72” deep which is close to full size but a few inches shorter. We’re well versed in custom bedding and it can seem overwhelming from the outside looking in but the majority of mattresses you see in stores are made locally and the different brand names are stitched on at the end. Please feel free to reach out to us if you need more information on custom bedding and we're happy to communicate with your local mattress maker if you're not within our delivery range. The overall dimensions of the bed are 55" wide x 79 1/4" deep x 44 1/2" tall.


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