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Queen Anne

Queen Anne Style Southern Walnut Wine Table With Snake Legs - Rare Size and Form

Queen Anne Style Southern Walnut Wine Table With Snake Legs - Rare Size and Form

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With our compliments Bay Colony Antiques takes the utmost pleasure in offering a very rare and desirable Queen Anne style wine table. This table is one of the finest examples of a traditional early American wine table that we have ever offered. This example was constructed in the 20th century by an expert furniture maker who produced this custom table to the same exacting standards as any table made during the height of the Queen Anne period. The form of this table is defined by the diminutive stature which is constructed for the purpose of serving large bottles of wine and liquors. The Queen Anne period produced many taller tables of an identical style which were designated as tea tables with wide circular tops intended to support a full tea service with porcelain china. Shorter tables in this format typically have smaller circular tops which by design are for candles or tea kettles which is why they are referred to as candle stands or kettle stands. Queen Anne tables which are diminutive in height but have wider tops are purposefully made specifically for wine and liquor service. These particular tables are extremely rare to find and widely sought after by antique collectors and interior decorators. This table is constructed of a southern grade of American walnut which is distinctive in grain quality and considered superior to the walnut furniture produced in the northeast. We believe that this table was custom made for a southern collector possibly in Virginia or North Carolina. The table features an elaborate turned pedestal in the form of a grecian baluster urn. The base of the pedestal has fine scallop carving work which is an indication of an extremely well trained furniture maker. Each of the three snake legs is dovetailed into the pedestal to the highest standard in which a Queen Anne table can be constructed. The table has a 19 1/2" diameter and stands 20" tall.


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