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Arts & Crafts Wrought Iron & Bronze Window Bench With Nautical Ships- Oscar Bach

Arts & Crafts Wrought Iron & Bronze Window Bench With Nautical Ships- Oscar Bach

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With our highest compliments Bay Colony Antiques takes the utmost pleasure in offering one of the finest window benches we have ever had the privilege of owning. Window benches as a whole are extremely hard to come by and are often priced in design shops far above fair market value. Anytime we find an interesting or unique bench in a private collection we will try our best to see if the owner is willing to sell to us but typically people do not wish to part with rare benches as they are very practical and difficult to come by. The bench we now at present offer is perhaps one of the finest available across the country. We say this with all modesty as we routinely travel from state to state delivering to our clients and we will stop anywhere fine furniture and antiques are sold. This window bench is attributed to the world renowned designer Oscar Bach who had a prolific career in Europe and America drawing inspiration from the most fantastical designs the world over. Design scholars have published extensively about the storied career of Oscar Bach and we encourage anyone considering this bench to review the subject of his works. Only a few designers of the early 20th century have risen to the same level of prominence and as an investment grade design purchase this bench will undoubtedly appreciate in value as time goes on.

The bench is crafted through the laborious process of hand wrought iron work which involves a master ironsmith forging and sculpting the form of the bench with techniques and skilled precision not found on any furnishings of the modern era. It is more accurate to classify this bench as an artistic masterpiece than to simply label it as a piece of household furniture. We sincerely believe that furniture making is a pure artform however in the 20th century we see craftsmanship and quality design unfortunately become replaced by generic reproductions made for consumption and disposal. This is why we strongly believe antiques to be the best investments as they provide practical use and superior design while also increasing in value with respect to scarcity and demand. The central design of this bench is focused on two bronze forged panels depicting Spanish galleon ships under full sail. These nautical motifs are in high demand by collectors decorating homes located near the ocean or by those who have an affinity for maritime culture. We believe this to be a timeless design that will be sought after for ages to come. These ships are expertly casted with high relief and precise details appearing to be almost animated when the subtle accents are closely observed. The panels are accented by vertical iron supports with varying twisted designs is brilliant detail. The bench has eight hammered feet that are embellished by foliate influenced castings which surmount each of the legs. The entire window bench has developed a beautiful patina and the seat is upholstered with a tasteful floral pattern fabric. We feel fortunate to have even found this rare masterwork and will be proud to provide it with a new home where it will be cherished and well cared for. The bench measures 54" wide x 14" deep x 22" tall. The seat measures 53" wide x 12" deep.


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