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Antique Late 19th Century Tiger Maple Lincoln Rocking Chair With Whale Tail Arms

Antique Late 19th Century Tiger Maple Lincoln Rocking Chair With Whale Tail Arms

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With our compliments Bay Colony Antiques takes the utmost pleasure in offering one of the finest antique Lincoln rockers we have had the privilege of owning. Those familiar with the generalized Lincoln rocker form which emerged in the middle of the 19th century have come to expect varying degrees of quality and craftsmanship between near identical chairs. We often encounter antique Lincoln rockers which are a relic of the past and are well suited for staging purposes but have no practical use in a modern home. The rocking chair that we now offer is an exceptional example that stands apart from the multitude of lesser quality chairs produced in the same era. The chair frame is solid maple hardwood with figured tiger maple used to make the crest which is contoured and scrolled with an elegant pattern. The back of the chair is expertly formed for comfort and flows masterfully into the whale tale formed curved arms. The chair flairs out in the front and has a curved serpentine shaped seat rail to comfort the back of the sitters knees. The chair is raised on saber formed legs and has double stretcher sides which tenon into each leg providing extra strength and support. The rocking chair blades work well if the sitter does not wish to sit stationary and to use the chair as fully intended. The caning work on this chair is the absolute best anyone can expect to fine both for its continued firm support and for the brilliant contours which provides an additional element of comfort. A master chair caner reworked the caning expertly sometime in the past few generations. This antique Lincoln rocking chair is an absolute specimen and perfect for anyone who wants to add a remarkable 19th century chair into their collection. The chair measures 22" wide x 32" deep x 44" tall.


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