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Antique Arts & Crafts Oak Liquor Cabinet With Geometric Panel Doors - Rare Size

Antique Arts & Crafts Oak Liquor Cabinet With Geometric Panel Doors - Rare Size

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With our finest compliments Bay Colony Antiques takes the utmost pleasure in offering a rare and exceptional liquor cabinet. This cabinet was constructed during the Arts & Crafts period during the early part of the 20th century. The entire cabinet functions with the purpose of housing bottles of liquor, glasses, and various accessories required for a well stocked bar. We believe this was the original intention of the furniture maker who built this as the cabinet has a colorful history. Without the benefit of every detail we can denote what was told to us when we first purchased the cabinet. This cabinet was the property of an establishment in Northeastern Florida which during the prohibition era functioned as a house of ill repute. The older gentleman who sold us the cabinet did not know the name of this establishment but was present at the liquidation for the business some forty years before. He had kept this cabinet for its colorful history and for the personal benefit of having a rare liquor cabinet quite unlike any other. We have handled nearly every form of furniture that exists from every large American furniture maker and can say with all confidence that this is a custom made cabinet and is most certainly one of a kind. The smaller size of the cabinet makes this the perfect addition for a space which would benefit from a piece with great function, a unique design, and an interesting backstory. We note the inside of the dropdown lid has scratched carved inscriptions from the various patrons of this Florida establishment throughout many decades. The step-back form of this cabinet provides a ledge which allows the owner to place bottles and glasses down for a moment. The single drawer functions well and both doors open to reveal an interior shelf. The cabinet has developed a beautiful and rich golden tone patina which along with the unique design and rare size make this one of the finest antique liquor cabinets available. The cabinet measures 23 7/8" wide x 14 1/2" x 50 3/4" tall.


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